The 6 Tips on Puppy Training

Published: 16th November 2008
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All puppies should be trained, so that they can get along well with their owners, the following tips on puppy training will help you train your puppies.

Train your puppy to lie down

When you train the puppy to lie down in front, you should hold the leash in your left hand. First, let the puppy lie down in front of you,then shake your right hand from the top down, and say "lie down" to him. At the same time, pull the leash down with your left hand to hang his head down and lie the whole body down. If the puppy is unwilling, you can pull his collar down. As well, when you give the command, you can pull his forelegs to be straight before lying down, if he get it well, give him nice food as a reward at once.

Train your puppy to bring and carry

There is a training way, in which you can train the puppy easily. Throw a ball and let your puppy bring it back, repeat that again and again.When you throw the ball, say "Bring the ball back" to the puppy. when he gets the ball in his mouth, say "bring" to him. Prepare a little food in your pocket, drop it on the ground when the puppy come to you. The puppy will open his mouth and drop the ball for the food.

Train to call name of your puppy

Before training, you must name your puppy firstly. For a good name, you can choose a word one or two syllable, so that your puppy can remember and distinguish the name. If you have two or more puppies, the pronunciation of the names must be dissimilar, which can avoid to confuse your puppies. What's the best time to Call Name Training? in general, it's a suitable time when the puppy's mind is at ease, such as when he is playing or begging for food.

Train Your Dog To Heel

Our training pay more attention to friendly communication between puppy and the owner.

1, Get a toy or food which your puppy love with you, let the puppy sit down beside your left leg. Remember that Use the toy or food move puppy's attention to you.

2, The owner takes one step forward, tap the left leg, say "Heel" or "Follow" to the puppy.

3, If the puppy is obedient to sit beside you, give him a little food or a stroke as a reward. In addition, keep some space between you and the puppy. when you encourage the puppy, the leash must be loosened, so that puppy knows it's right not to pull the leash.

4, If the puppy runs around, don't worry, call him back and start again.

5, The training time should be limited in 20 minutes. After training, the puppy must be given a lot of fun as a rest, also you can play a game with him.

6, After one week's training, I'm sure the puppy can walk well following you. It's a good beginning, train him frequently, the puppy will follow you adroitly.

Puppy Barking

Dog's barking is a natural behaviour, the frequency of Dog's barking depends on how you train. Of course, some breeds of dog love barking congenitally, for example, the breed of small, vigorous and alert dog. By comparison, a large dog's dark is deep and powerful, also it's less noisy than a small one's dark.

All puppies should be trained, so that they are conscious of when they are supposed to bark and when not. If your puppy dark at the wrong time, you should give him a verbal warning, such as "Hey, be quiet!". If he will be quiet down, give praise to him at once. Your "hey" must be loudly and rigorous in order to divert his attention from barking. Also, you should say "Be quiet" with strong tone, the command should be clear and unambiguous, only in this way the puppy will stop barking as soon as you give him a command.

Train your dog to urinate and defecate in a designated place

when your puppy is going to urinate or defecate, he will run around to find a right place to do that. Puppy is sniffing the floor as he walks around, sometimes he makes a sound and run up to the owner with fidget, all that means your puppy will defecate. How should you do now? Take your puppy in your arms to the box,skep or bathroom, then tell the puppy "piss". When your puppy finish it, you can say "Good boy/girl" with reassuring pats and give he some tasty foods.

If puppy don't defecate in a designated place, you must pick the puppy up at once, and say "No" to him in a loud voice, then take time to the bathroom. If this is noneffective, don't chide your puppy when he was defecating. After he finish, push his head until his nose touches the wrong place where he defecated, at the same time you should chide him "No" seriously, to let him know that he has done something wrong. You must insist on correcting his mistakes as he was making. In the beginning, perhaps puppy can not understand why you chide him, but after repetitious training, puppy will get it.

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