The 5 Available Jobs for Teens Age 15

Published: 26th November 2008
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It's hard to get a job without some kind of inside connection at such a young age, but I heard there are some jobs in the us that employ 15 ear olds. Some employers may hire teens to do following jobs. If you put effort into looking someone will hire you.

Handwriting Job

Birthday celebrations, wedding parties and other celebrations usually need handwritten invitations and thank you notes, you can find a job

there. You can seek out clients through wedding planners at nearby churches and temples, also you can find some information about elebrations in local newspaper, then call them and ask if they need handwriting service, if they need the service you can send your handwritten invitation to them, to see if they are satisfied with your handwriting.

Movie Theater

Following jobs are available for you: usher, ticket taker, cleaning up, projectionist, customer service, food service and so on. Some like to clean up, beacuse it's easy. This sounds wierd, cause no one likes to clean up, but in reality when you're on clean up you're doing nothing at all like 80% of the time. All you do is clean a theatre when a show ends. This is in comparison to working at the snack booth - which is non stop fun of yelling kids. Ticket taker isn't bad, other than that you have to stand there and basically stare into space for hours not talking.

Find movie theaters around you, then go to apply for a opening job. If you have no job experience, you'd beter have a cover letter along with your resume. Besides the normal contact information, you can put in the letter why you want to work at the theater and the advantages to them of hiring you, plus it would set you apart from your competition.


Some hotels or restaurants need Bus Boys/Girls,most of them are part-time jobs,which don't spend you too much time, if you like,you can also earn pocket money.

As a Bus Boy/Girl,general duties include: bussing tables, resetting tables, maintaining cleanliness of the restaurant, service area and

equipment, stock all food items, disposables and equipment, seating guest, run food, occasionally taking orders and work with Micros system.

Shovel Snow

â‘ First,you must have a good snow shovel. If you can't borrow one from others, you can spend $10 to buy one,which isn't too heavy.Most snow shovels have open ends that allow you to easily toss the snow off to the side.
â‘¡There are several ways to get business.You can approach people who are shoveling their own driveways and offer to finish the job. You can see if your downtown need their sidewalks cleared.
â‘¢You can ask around to see what is the price people can accept in your area. You can can charge by time ,or by the job.Usually, you can charge 10 dollars an hour.

â‘£For a good job,don't forget some details:Chip away any ice that you find under the snow and remove the chunks with the shovel.Spread rock salt over the cleared area to avoid icing. Sand any areas that remain slippery.

About author: Wei King is a webmaster of Jobs for 15 Year Olds, If you are 15 years old, and you want to find a job, watch my articles, these articles will help you.

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From upstate New York 192 Followers 108 Hubs Join on September 1, 2011 said:
There are probably a dozen more ideas that you may come up with, depending upon where you live and what your interests are. All it takes is one idea, one thing that you're good at, and you can make money from it if you're driven
Adrian Lawrence on September 1, 2011 said:
Mowing the parents lawn or those of neighbors also seemed to be the best paid work I could get as a teenager.
Nerius on September 1, 2011 said:
Well there is always web design or SEO - seems some kids these days are better at it that most adults, and as the web is remote its easy to use email and appear to be an established business.
Sam on September 14, 2011 said:
Many people that are under 16 or 18 believe that they cannot get a job. The pay may be bad for teens art the age of 15 but these are good ideas for them to get some work experience and earn some extra cash.

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